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    Bringing your Institution into 21st Century

    Equip your students and teachers with a Digital Learning and Teaching platform like MAcademy. We thrive on providing the personal touch of the teacher and working in tandem with your educational institution. We look to enhance the scope of learning for students outside of your institution.


    Knowledge is Evolving. Now is the time to evolve the Means of Learning

    Online learning has been there for over a decade now in India and education now is evolving beyond the classroom.

    We understand that how students learn has changed and the way we as educators teach needs to evolve as well. It’s time for us to reclaim our position as our students educators.

    Inspiring Competition. Delivering Results

    Students want to complete against the best. Our testing and analytics tool allows students to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Students are thoroughly tested across each topic with an in-depth understanding of their performances through our database of over 2,50,000 questions.

    Our Exam platform reduces the burden of the teachers and management which helps in preparing QP’s , providing analytics and reporting to all stakeholders.


    Curating Content that Intrigues, Educates & Entertains

    The attention span of Gen-Z students is becoming smaller and smaller. We create striking visual narratives with 3D animated content, visual depictions, gamified learning tools and activity-based learning modules.

    Our team of experienced educators have created 42,000 minutes of learning and teaching content for providing the best experience.

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