Comprehensive Learning Management System

With M Academy, you can have a personalized experience that aligns with your needs. Whether it’s an online course or hybrid learning program, we offer everything to solve complex challenges and transform organizations while providing outcomes in education for students of all ages!

Content Management

Upload Content and Start Learning​

Start with content that’s created

  • There’s no better way to engage your student than by uploading content that they can interact with. Be creative! Have some free resources or upload videos from private video platforms so students and teachers will have more opportunities for engagement.
  • For example: “Share this awesome video if YOU AGREE!”


Create interactive environment for students

With MAcademy, you can build a custom learning path that matches your offline curriculums while also making it engaging with videos and other resources. No technical skills are required – easier than using Whatsapp!


Step-by-step navigation

This means that you can make your curriculum more engaging by breaking it up into small, digestible pieces. You'll also be able to restrict navigation if needed because there are certain topics or subjects which should only be read sequentially - this way no one gets bored before getting through all of the material!



This course will make you better at understanding and retaining new information. You can add questions throughout the course, each one followed by detailed feedback that aims to help learners better understand what they've learned so far as well as how it relates back in some way or another!


Detailed Usage stats

The app's interface is very simple to use, with a clear layout that makes it easy for parents or teachers alike. You can track how far each student has progressed in their learning process by simply following the color-coded levels on screen. All information will show up right away after installing MAcademy - no need to worry about getting updates!


Customizable Design

Give your branding a makeover with our custom design platform. We will help you create the perfect colour palette and fonts to match any school spirit!

Build Learning Tracks

MAcademy allows you to create your own personalized training programs that are exactly the same as those used by top trainers in professional circles. You can have an entire course broken down into easy steps for remedial students or even years worth of content planned out ahead!

Learning track structure

Learning isn’t easy, and chapters can help learners progress through the material more easily. You might want to set up your course with a strict completion order so that students only get access when they’ve finished what’s in front of them!


What better way to help your student learn than with a little homework? Now you can assign them some tasks or have us do it for you, depending on what works best in terms of scheduling. When they submit their work for review – get notified and give feedback!

User Management

Easily manage users and students

Setup your organization structure

  • You can re-create your organization’s structure to make it easier for employees, teachers, and students alike. This role management tool allows you control over who has access at any one time so that no one else’ information gets out of hand!
  • Video of organization creation application along with branch master along with role management screen and user management both from admin users and students as users’ perspective.


Invite Users

  • Adding new users to your website with the click of a button is easy. You can even have them fill out an online form so you won't need any extra data entry! To make things quick and simple, bulk upload will let all those who sign up enter their information at once--saving both time AND resources in processing fees from multiple people using one account
  • You may be thinking "How does adding lots more people help?" Well if they're not paying then there's no incentive for quality assurance... but once we start charging per user, now each additional person becomes financially worthwhile and doesn’t support usage and engagement that is key for any academic institution.


Set User Roles

  • Just think of it this way - you don't have to manage Macademy single-handedly! Assign users the following roles: administrator, organization admin/owner etc...
  • When setting up your LCMS with lots going on in there are a few different positions that need attention. Make sure at least one person has each role assigned so they can take care everything from managing profiles & classes online down through updating policies or creating new ones if necessary


Unlimited administrators

MAcademy is one of the most affordable LMSs on the market. Not only does it doesn't charge a fee, but you can apply administrator roles to as many users you want!


Active and inactive users

The MAcademy platform gives you the ability to have as many registered users on your account, and deactivate them anytime. They will still be able log in but won't get any progress updates from their sessions if they are inactive for an extended period of time - perfect!


Monitor your user’s productivity


Content Reports

With the power of performance analytics, you'll be able to see which content truly work and which prove ineffective. Get full control over learners' progress on every course with Performance Summary reports for each student and teacher in your school - so that they can determine what needs improving!


People Reports

You can identify the users and groups who show a great deal of interest in your course by monitoring their activity. You should then compare this with how they perform on exams to see if there are any patterns that may provide insight into why certain students do better than others when taking assessments.


Quiz and simulation Reports

MAcademy provides you with all of this information so that it can be easily accessible.A lot goes into the decision-making process when selecting which school or program is right for your child, but one thing most parents need help on before they make their choice? How high should my kid try?? With MAcademy’s new "How am I doing?" feature - now including average scores by grade level AND individual answer breakdowns from tests taken within each subject area (in addition to total score tables) -- there's no excuse not know what kind off results he/she has achieved at any given time!

Learner Portal

Provide a great learning experience


Intuitive User Portal

In this cutting-edge user portal, you can find a convenient content library both as web app and mobile. The state of the art adaptive system is perfect for administrators to teach students in their classroom or parents who want information on how they work!



Recognizing and rewarding learners for their achievements is a great way to make them feel good about themselves. With gamification, you can recognize the progress they’ve made by giving out points or badges that let people know how well-performing students are doing on your platform! Macademy allows users earn these types of awards through activities while also keeping an eye open at what position someone ranks up too if looking over leader boards.



The ease of access to teachers and experts is one reason why students love taking courses at MAcademy.

LCMS Customization

Customize your school portal


Account branding

The MAcademy platform is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows you to customize your site according to whatever preferences, logos or brands are desired. You can have it look like anything from the traditional looks of yesteryear with an older colour palette all the way up through more modern designs incorporating vibrant colours into their branding package; there really will be something for everyone!



The user portal can now be accessed in a different language. This will allow for more people to use the service, and it's easy enough that anyone who isn't familiar with English could do so! You may want to assign each organization their own version of your website too-so they all feel connected but still unique from one another thanks to what you've assigned them as homepages (or start pages)