Admission Process

  • All the admission process will be carried out under the direct vigilance and monitoring of the Principal. For his assistance, he may nominate a teacher as admission-in-charge, after consulting the concerned authority/management.
  • The principal will ascertain the probable vacant seats in each and every class and request the secretary to grant permission to start admission process.
  • There will not be any admission test of a student seeking admission from nursery to std. one classes. Registration form for admission (other than nursery to std. one classes) will be available for distribution at the school counter. It may be downloaded from the school website.
  • The school may conduct admission  test/interview for admission from std. II onwards if the number of application for admission is more than the number of vacant seats. The date of publication of result will be announced on the very date of admission test.
  • The list of selected candidates will be available on the school notice board and school website on the due date of publication of result.
  • The minimum age for std. one is 5 year and maximum age for this class is five and half year. Accordingly, the guardians will count and fix age for their wards for higher classes.
  • Any donation/capitation is against the principle and ethics of school Admission is granted against the vacant seats based on merit.
  • 25% seats are reserved in std. I in compliance with RTE Act 2012.
  • If admission is not taken by a selected student within the stipulated time, it may be cancelled and the seat may be treated as vacant.
  • Any confusion/doubt dispute will be cleared only by the Principal.
  • The right to admit or not to admit a ward will be reserved with the Principal.
  • After the admission process is over, the Principal will submit the complete report of class wise admission to the office of the secretary.


Some Important Information about Admission



Nursery               -           3 ½ to 4 yrs
K. G.                   -           4 to 4 ½ yrs
Std. I                  -           5 to 5 ½ yrs


The following documents are essential at the time of admission


a. Joint photo of the candidate with his/her parents. – 1 pc.
b. Two copies of photographs (passport size) of the candidate.
c. Domicile certificate :-

(i) Electricity bill
(ii) Telephone (Land line) bill
(iii) Voter’s identity card,
(iv) Nationalised bank passbook with photo
(v) Driving licence
(vi) Domicile certificate issued by an officer of central/state gonernment,
(vii) Passport
(viii) Adhar card
(ix) Ration card cum identity card.

d. Blood Group certificate

Note :- Admission will not be – entertained in absence of any of the documents enlisted above. The Principal will have right to give relaxation to a candidate under the lawful condition.

e. If the school vehicle is availed for transportation, three colour passport size photographs are essential.

f. Transfer certificate in case of admission into higher classes.

g. Birth certificate – The birth certificate should be issued by a govt. hospital/municipality/municipal corporation or any other – govt.body/authority for this purpose.


Download Registration Form here
NOTE:- For more details kindly contact the office.

New Fee Rules

                                                                          शुल्क  संबंधी  नियमावली

  1. The fee of current month can be deposited latest by 20th of the month.

             चालू माह का विद्यालय शुल्क उस माह की 20 तारीख तक जमा कर देना है।

  1.  Late fine @ Rs. 25 will be charged  from 21st to the last working day for the fee of the current month.

           21 तारीख से चालू मास की अंतिम तिथि तक शुल्कजमा करने पर 25 रुपये विलम्ब शुल्क लगेगा।

      3.    If the fee is not deposited for the two consecutive months, then the name of the defaulter will be struck off the roll, due to the non payment of fee. However re-admission may be taken after depositing the required fee. (To be read with para 4).

        अगर लगातार दो महीनों तक शुल्क जमा नहीं होगा तो बच्चे का नाम उपस्थिति पंजी से काट दिया जाएगा।तथापि अनुच्छेद चार के अनुसार उसका पुनःप्रवेश हो सकता है।

      4.  The facility of re-admission can only be availedonly once in the whole academic session, on payment of Rs. 250 as re-  admission charge along with the late fine @ Rs. 50 for each month.

      पूरे शैक्षिक सत्रा में पुनः प्रवेश एक बार ही 250 रुपये पुनः प्रवेश एवं 50 रुपये विलम्ब शुल्क के साथ संभव हो सकेगा।


    5. All fee and dues upto the month of September must be cleared by 15th of August. Before the summative assessment - I & up to March by 15th of February. Before the summative assessment - II positively, otherwise the admit card will not be issued.

     सितम्बर महीने का शुल्क एवं सभी तरह का बकाया शुल्क 15 अगस्त तक और मार्च महीने तक का शुल्क एवं बकाया 15 फरवरी तक जमा करना अनिवार्य है जिससे समेकित  परीक्षाओं का एडमिट कार्ड दिया जा सके।

   6. Half-Yearly or Annual fee is also accepted in advance. There is a provision for rebate for advance fee deposits. For half Yearly fee deposits 2.5% & for Annual fee deposits 5.0% rebate will be given.

     अर्द्धवार्षिक एवं वार्षिक अग्रिम शुल्क अदा किया जा सकता है जिस पर क्रमशः 2.5 % एवं 5.0 % छूटउपलब्धहोगी।



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